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Yoga For Teens

In June 2022 Wapping Youth and Beyond the Bias presented a new exciting Yoga project focusing on our young teenagers in the community. A great project inviting young people to explore their mental and physical healthy. Mental health awareness is very important, and we wanted to offer something that young people could benefit, both phsyically and mentally. We held a 4 week exploration of ones mental health, whilst learning mechanisms to identify and understand what makes a healthy mindset, through yoga.

The young participants partook in games and debates, learning to be more mindful and how to eat a more healthy diet. We were able to give away free equipment, and the individuals were thrilled with all the free goodies they took home.

Everyone enjoyed and interacted with our sessions on a weekly basis, and we’ve received amazing feedback: ‘’I feel a lot happier since attending these Yoga sessions and a lot of people around me have noticed a positive change in my attitude, I’d like to thank Wapping and Beyond the Bias and our lovely teacher. She’s really amazing!!’’ - One of the teen attendees

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