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Women's Fitness Class

Being active is a healthy lifestyle choice and is very beneficial to one’s mental health and general wellbeing. However, over the past couple years, with COVID19 and lockdowns put in place have made it difficult to access gyms and have some sort of daily exercise.

During the pandemic, the temporary closure of gyms and leisure centres and mums shouldering much of the burden of home-schooling, meant that their ability and time to factor in regular exercise was significantly squeezed. These fitness classes provided a safe and free space for our atendees to be trained and enjoy their fitness classes.

For these reasons, in March 2022 Wapping In The Community and Leaders In The Community decided to provide ‘’judgement-free’’, women's only fitness classes, which would help them feel more comfortable to work out in a safe environment and help with all health conditions, both physical and mental.

These sessions have been a massive success and all the attendees have provided tremendous and outstanding feedback, having had a positive impact on their mental health and general wellbeing. Wapping In The Community and Leaders In The Community are keen to continue this amazing project and hopefully work together in the future to provide more great projects.

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