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FA Referee Course ⚽️

Elevating their game 👏

From players, coaches and fans to referees - we've been fortunate enough to offer and fund a FA-certified referee course to many football fans from our community 🙌

All of our participants are players, coaches, and fans of the beautiful game, so this was a different experience for all of them. During our 1st in-person session they delved into the world of refereeing, gaining a deeper appreciation for the intricacies of the game and its rules 👏

From engaging discussions to learning exercises, this session proved to be an eye-opening experience, expanding their knowledge and broadening their perspectives as they step into the referee's shoes. It's amazing to see how this project has provided an invaluable opportunity for individuals to enhance their understanding of the game, bringing a fresh and insightful perspective to their roles as players and coaches 📚

During our 2nd sessions the participants stepped out of the classroom and onto the pitch, immersing themselves in real match scenarios and hands-on learning 🥅

From making split-second decisions to managing player(s)/manager(s) reactions, our future referees faced exciting challenges that will shape their confidence for when they referee future games 🙌

Shoutout to the London FA for their support!

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