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Easter Camps '22

April 202, during the Easter holidays, we provide young individuals from across our amazing borough, Tower Hamlets, with something fun to do, in a space where they can be active and healthy.

Our camps consist of two 3-hour sessions per day, four days a week, at 10 different locations all over East London. Our trained coaches organised and led each session, and ensure that the kids were engaged in many different sports. Fun games helped the attendees gain amazing skills by attending and engaging such as: social skills, teamwork, creativity, communicational and leadership skills.

We also provided healthy lunches and distributed raw ingredients to all parents at the end of each session to promote healthy eating.

At the end of our Easter Camps, we wanted to celebrate everyone's amazing achievements for completely the whole camp, and having the most fun whilst doing that. Every child who attended received a certificate and medal.

Our easter camp was a great success with a huge number of registrations, everyone having fun, and we all stayed active and healthy. We look forward to delivering many more camps in the future, and making many more fun memories with all our young friends.

If you've liked to get invovled in our school holidays camps, we do them during the Summer (4 weeks), the Winter (8 days), and Easter (2 weeks), please email:

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