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Development Hub Tournament ⚽️

From the training ground to a tournament! ⚽️

Our year 4 Development Hub squad showcased their skills and teamwork in their very first tournament, securing a fantastic 3rd place, and having fun along the way 👏

It's incredible to witness their growth and dedication paying off, as they worked amazingly as a team in their first tournament together! 🙌

Here are a few words from coach Ceejay & Oz:

Ceejay: “Each player displayed immense talent, passion, togetherness, support, and determination throughout the tournament, setting the stage for an exciting journey ahead. The future looks bright for this talented team!”

Oz: “As we celebrate this team, we also have to thank the coaches, parents/guardians, and friends who have been amazing support for these players. Our year 4 Development Hub side has set a solid foundation for their footballing journey, and with incredible support, they’ll continuously grow as a team and as young individuals!”

We can’t wait to see more from this amazing side 🙌

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