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10 Week, Weekly Giveaway

Starting in September, and finishing in November 2021, Wapping Youth wanted to give back to our community and social media followers by holding a grand, 10-week giveaway. We gae away boots, trainers, astroturf shoes, all things that young ballers need on the football pitch! With the support of Nike & Adidas, we were able to provide the best football footwear out there.

We know how costly it can be to purchase football equipment and unfortunately some families just can’t afford the expense. So, we wanted to donate and provide young people in the community, who are from a less advantaged background, with the right and best football footwear out there!

We managed to successfully deliver our 10-week giveaway, with many happy young people winning every week, once every week for the whole duration of this project. We always love giving back and helping our community in whatever way we can - we are especially pleased to see the impact we had on some of our young ballers who are now able to enjoy playing football without any setbacks.

We thank you for all being part of our amazing community and special Wapping Family 🔵⚽️

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